A Runner on the outs looking to regain his memory


Name: [Data Error: Unable to locate authorization protocols]
Alias: Cage
Metatype: Human (Augmented)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Nationality: U.C.A.S. (Technically owned by [Data Error: Unable to locate authorization protocols])
Height: 1.83 m (6’0")
Weight: 170.1 kg (375 lbs)
Hair: Blackish Brown (Shorn on the sides; desheveled faux-hawk on the top)
Eyes: Cybernetic Eyes – Pale albino
Current Karma: 8
Total Karma Gained: 14
Nuyen: 7030 Y

BODy: 4
AGIlity: 7
REAction: 6
STRength: 4
WILl: 3
LOGic: 4
INTution: 3
CHArisma: 1
Essence: 1.35
Edge: 5
Initiative: 10
Matrix Init: 9
Composure: 4
Judgement: 4
Memory: 7
Lift/Carry: 8
Movement: 14
Physical Limit: 6
Mental Limit: 5
Social Limit: 2

Automatics: 6
Sneaking: 5
Gymnastics: 5
Longarms: 5
Cybertechnology: 5
Perception: 2
Hacking: 2
Aeronautic Mechanics: 1
Automatic Mechanics: 1
Industrial Mechanics: 1
Nautical Mechanics: 1
Navigation: 1
Survival: 1
Tracking: 1

English: Natural
Japanese: 1
Sperethiel (Elven): 1
Or’zet (Ork): 1
Corporate Politics: 4
National Politics: 2
Corporate Security: 5

SINner (Corporate Born) (25 pts)
Analytical Mind (
2 DP Logic, Puzzle Solving/2) (-5 pts)
Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins (1 Resistance Toxins) Rating: 1 (-4 pts)
High Pain Tolerance (Ignore 1 box DMG/Rating) Rating: 1 (-7 pts)
Quick Healing (
2 DP Healing) (-3 pts)

The Sibylline Node (a Matrix-based oracle forum where a petitioner must give a bit of information/secret in order to receive information/secret): Loyal: 1 Connection: 2 Favour: Information

Low Lifestyle
License: Suzuki Mirage (motorcycle)
Fake SIN Rating: 4

Commlink (Delta): Ess: 0.1
Datajack (Delta): Ess: 0.05
Datalock (Delta): Ess: 0.05 Rating: 5
Skillljack (Delta): Ess: 0.4 Rating: 4
Cyber Eyes (Delta): Ess: 0.15 Rating: 2 Capacity: 8 slots
Smartlink (Eyes): Ess: 0.1 Eye Cap: -3
Flare Compensators (Eyes): Ess: 0.05 Eye Cap: -2
Wired Reflexes: Ess: 2 Rating: 1
Orthoskin (+1 Armour/Rating): Rating: 1
Internal Airtank: Ess: 0.25 Rating: 1
Cyber Hand (left): Capacity: 4 slots
Obvious Cyber Legs (x2): Ess: 1 Capactiy: 20 slots
Cyber Holster (Right Leg): Leg Cap: -5
Hydraulic Jacks (Both Legs): Leg Cap: -3

Suzuki Mirage (motorcycle):
Handling: 5/3
Acc: 3
Spd: 6
Pilo: 1
Bod: 5
Arm: 6
Sens: 2

Lined Trenchcoat (3 Enhancements): Elec: 3 Cold: 3 Fire: 3 Armour: 10
Ares Crusader II (Mach Pistol):
RC: 2 Ammo: 40c Acc: 7 AP: – Mode: SA/BF Dmg: 7P Note: Smartlinked
Yamaha Raiden (AR):
RC: 1 Ammo: 60c Acc: 8 AP: -2 Mode: BF/FA Dmg: 11P Note: Smartlinked, Silenced
Erika MCD-1: Rating: 1 Program(s): 1
Attack: 4 Sleaze: 3 Data Processing: 1 Firewall: 2


Misc. Features:
Has a tattoo of Vulpes on back across shoulder blades, with the phrase: “Causa latet, vis est notissima” tattooed in a scroll ribbon below the wolf’s head.
Psych Profile:
Highly trained professional, harbours traits of psychopathy. Evaluates world in terms of utility, gauging whether or not threat is imminent. Has begun to display more a sense of black humour towards things.
Family Relations:
No family relations known. Parents either were wageslaves or liquidated assets.
Occupation: Formerly:
[Data Error: Unable to locate authorization protocols]
Merc-for-hire specializing in covert asset extraction/sabotage.

[Data Error: Unable to locate authorization protocols]

Waking up from a cryogenic sleep-pod in the storage facility of one of Evo’s Seattle locations (Redmond), Cage managed to escape from the storage facility virtually undetected before Evo security forces could locate and detain him. Luckily, Cage found that he was in Redmond, a place to go if you’re looking to stay under the radar, you only need to make sure your back is watched all the time.

Finding that he at least had his black, lined trenchcoat, Cage sent the signal to his leg holster and once again felt lucky in that his trusty Ares Crusader II machine pistol was still there. However, he was unable to access his memory. When he searched his memory banks, all that he could recover was an annoying security notice that his memory had been seized by Ares Macrotechnology Security Protocol #27b/6.

The question was: was he working for or against Ares? If he was working against Ares, he’d have likely been working for another megacorp, given how teched up he was and equipped.
First things first, if Cage was going to survive in this new amnesiac state, he’d need to disappear into the shadows before his former employers or his former enemies could find him and tear apart his memory database. He had to realize that his former employer was now a potential enemy as a compromised agent is worse than a dead agent. He’d need a fake SIN and likely a fake license for the restricted death-dealer he was carrying around inside his right thigh. Looks like it was time to tap into the Sibylline Node…

After making contact with the Sibylline Node, Cage got a point of reference to a fixer named Byron, who operated out of a shitty little dive called Category Z just outside of Touristville. The dwarf apparently is always on the look-out for new, potential talent and Cage figured that he’d need to put together some scratch if he’s going to survive and piece together the fragments of his past, not to mention prepare for any possible assassins that might be tracking him.

Finding Byron isn’t a difficult task, his clean-shaven, well-dressed, and tasteful attire singles him out as a lighthouse beacon steering drifting boats towards the shore, towards him. He’s the “big man” despite his actual size, and he knows it, and he wants everyone else to know it, too.

Setting up with a fixer is just step one. Running with a crew, that’s a whole different beast. Most runners are the nervous, paranoid, and twitchy sort of undesirable who’d work with you just as much as geek you and sell your more valuable body parts for enough nuyen to get a soycaf or BTL fix.

So what do you tell these types of dregs when they ask for your resume? Even if Cage could remember his former life, given the gear and augmentations he’s packing, he’s probably Public Enemy #1 to this scene, or at least worth enough to look like a walking Christmas Goose.

After a brief introduction that seemed to leave Byron with a feeling of unease and creepiness, Byron told Cage that he might have some work lining up in a little bit. Nothing too big, maybe a two-man operation. He’d be in contact.

Cage left Category Z and found extremely run-down apartment building named Lethe Condominiums, chocked full of BTL junkies, low-level fly-by-night gangers, and other refuse that belonged to the human species. Finding a dark corner to isolate himself, Cage tried in vain to recall any shred of his former life, his memories, or even his name. He had told Byron his name was Cage only as a spur-of-the-moment quip as he saw the headline, “Lone Star officers in Bellevue track down and cage rampaging spirit bear”, as it scrolled across the bottom of the vidscreen above the bar. It seemed too ironically apropros for his situation to pass up.


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